Here we are after 4,000 miles, safe and sound in our missionary home in St. Petersburg. We arrived early Saturday morning after the longest day in the car yet, and were able to spend Easter Sunday with our local church family. I would like to say this ends our Road Trip, but it is only an extended stopover until we head out for Lake Wales, Florida this weekend and finally off to PA via Asheville, NC. Again we had been spared sickness while in the midst of our travel, however on arrival to Florida several of the children started showing signs of colds.

We are so very grateful to all of you who opened your churches, homes and hearts to our family. We were blessed by so many who showed so much encouragement and support for our new work we are beginning in Lebanon. We now prepare for the final journey into this new season and we wait to see God move through the churches and individuals who will support our mission.

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Day 23, we have been forced to make split up this week. Praise God for the flexibility he has trained into us over the past three years! I am currently in Memphis TN with Greg, Emily, Jennie and Alison, Pam had to go to Atlanta with the six other children. We are trying to release the house in Atlanta. Pam is doing what she can there this week, and we are advertising it on Craig's list. The market in Atlanta is completely dead and homes have devalued greatly in the past year. Pam has met with a couple people to try to find alternatives. The latest is we are looking for renters or to sell to investors who can by the house at a steal, covering the remaining mortgage and sit on it for a couple years until the market bounces back and they can make a substantial profit. With no renter, the monthly mortgage payment is a burden we cannot carry. This Sunday we join the family back together for a church in Madison AL, then back to Florida for two churches there. We are scheduled to leave Florida on April 3rd, heading north. We have a church visit in Asheville NC on the 6th, then on to Lebanon. When we do arrive, we are going to be road beat!

With Tony our Henry Co. Police friend & At Caesars Head, NC

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