A Burden Eased

Today a HUGE burden was lifted from my shoulders! We thought it would be necessary for us to receive tax exempt status for our missions work so our financial supporters would be able to get a tax deduction for their contributions. The process required by the IRS includes a 38 page application form and approximately 150 pages of instructions and related publications. Not to mention the paperwork required by the state of Georgia to complete the IRS application! With everything else that’s going on, I was overwhelmed.

This verse kept coming to my mind Mt. 11:30 and I knew God had not intended us to become entangled in this mass of red tape when we answered his call to serve. Jeff and I prayed and turned the matter over to the Lord. His answer was a call by our pastor and his offer for our home church WGCC to accept contributions on our behalf under the church’s tax exempt status and to forward them to us. What a blessing!


Greg is busy moving items on eBay. The office is beginning to look like an early Henry Ford assembly line. Items to sell are stacking up in every available space. As time permits, Greg is photographing them, writing descriptions and getting the auctions up and running on ebay. We are very fortunate that he is able to handle this activity for us! Greg showed me that someone even purchased a pair of used jeans. Just proves the old saying, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”

Godly Influence

Another Waffle House meeting, but not like any other. I got a strong recommendation by G. M., a woman whom my entire family has come to respect and love, to call Pastor Ken of Bethel Christian Church (and the founding Pastor of WGCC) to meet with him.

After patiently sitting through our family history from 1979 to present (and staying awake) Pastor Ken began to share his thoughts and ideas. He provided direction, suggestions and contacts as fast as I could write. It became obvious to me that this Godly man had a tremendous passion for Missions. The depth of his knowledge of Missions and Missionaries took my breath away! I am grateful for G.M. and her Godly influence, and Pastor Ken and his wealth of knowledge that he so graciously shared and God for bringing them into our lives.