Happy Thanksgiving

We are thankful for you whose lives touch us more than you will ever possibly know. We are so thankful to be called to serve and thank the Lord for his provisions through you. Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, support and love which has sustained us.. May your thanksgiving be full of blessings from the Lord. As His light shines upon your table we pray that your feast will be full of grace, joy, peace and love. Happy Thanksgiving!

With much love,

Jeff, Pam, Greg, Steven, Emily, Jennie, Alison, Hannah, Elizabeth, Sarah, Paul & Grace

Attached are photos of some of our very special Thanksgiving blessings this year.
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Pardon our loss

As any of you who have ever maintained a website or blog on the Internet know, things happen in cyberspace. I’m not saying Al Gore is personally responsible for this, but our news postings from 2008 seem to have disappeared. Please understand while I try to recreated the stories from this years emails. ~ JeffContinue reading the rest of this post...