Day 23, we have been forced to make split up this week. Praise God for the flexibility he has trained into us over the past three years! I am currently in Memphis TN with Greg, Emily, Jennie and Alison, Pam had to go to Atlanta with the six other children. We are trying to release the house in Atlanta. Pam is doing what she can there this week, and we are advertising it on Craig's list. The market in Atlanta is completely dead and homes have devalued greatly in the past year. Pam has met with a couple people to try to find alternatives. The latest is we are looking for renters or to sell to investors who can by the house at a steal, covering the remaining mortgage and sit on it for a couple years until the market bounces back and they can make a substantial profit. With no renter, the monthly mortgage payment is a burden we cannot carry. This Sunday we join the family back together for a church in Madison AL, then back to Florida for two churches there. We are scheduled to leave Florida on April 3rd, heading north. We have a church visit in Asheville NC on the 6th, then on to Lebanon. When we do arrive, we are going to be road beat!

With Henry Co. Police friend & At Caesars Head, NC

God has been very good. We all continue to be healthy which in itself is a miracle give our schedule and exposure to countless colds and flues. As we have traveled we have received gifts that have covered our travel expenses along the way and left some in reserves. We have been able to bank enough extra to cover the March house mortgage in Atlanta and the Missionary housing in Florida. God has brought back one Church we had lost on news of our return to the states and may do likewise with another church in Atlanta we had lost. That brings our deficit on the loss of support down to $1,000/mo. We are very grateful and full of praise for that. We have made new friends and made our monthly support need know as we have continued on the journey. Now continue onward and we wait and pray as we are trusting that God will touch some to join us in monthly support. For our budget goal we set, we are behind by $1300 to $1500 per month. A substantial improvement from where we started a month ago! We are faithful that God will continue to close that gap!

As for Ukraine and Marine Reach/Mercy Trucks. We have had much interest from churches and groups we've visited to set up outreach trips to Ukraine in the future. Two more YWAM bases have contacted me for assistance in developing Mercy Truck ministries in their countries. In the past weeks I have been in contact with two retiring dentists who are donating supplies and equipment. One is shipping to the Lebanon base, the other Greg and me will have to drive to Long Island at some point and pick-up. Both are sizable and will be a great blessing to the ministry and the work in Ukraine. A wonderful Ukrainian couple who are close friends, Oksana and Stepan have agreed to take over the in-country management of Mercy Trucks Ukraine for me and the truck is repaired and back on the road! In addition, YWAM has received a gift to help start the office in Lebanon and cover expenses for the Ministry. This will allow us to ship the supplies we are receiving onto Ukraine. We have watched God's amazing provision for ongoing work in Ukraine and the new headquarters in Lebanon.

Visiting a park in Brevard, NC

I look forward to leaving the highway and this pace and finally resting in our new home. I cannot wait to begin at the base and start serving the Kingdoms work He has lead us to, the base, staff, students and community. God has given Pam and I such great peace about our new season. Thank you again everyone for the love prayers and outpouring of encouragement and support.

Packing up once again!

Please keep us in your prayers for continued safe travel, protection from sickness and the blessings of others on our small group.

Blessings and love from the road,