Greetings from the road. Our first week behind us we are faring much better than we could have prayed. The home in Covington, GA loaned to us has been a huge blessing as we are there alone and can truly rest between events and visits. I preached our first Sunday at a Church in Chattanooga while Greg preached to the church youth in a separate service. We also had a small group open house that was blessed with sharing and prayer for the family and our work. The real blessing has been the individuals and families we have visited with.

First church visit of the trip & Blessed with love from supporters

We have stayed with two families on the road this week and though logistically difficult squeezing in our twelve, the sharing time has been awesome. We have received gifts along the way that have kept us going, covering the traveling expenses which have been much higher than I had expected. The costs of everything have sky rocketed since we left the states. We had what I think is our very first (and last) all family fast food dinner. Before we left for Ukraine, the four littlest ones were too small for fast food. And this was the first time we have as a family gone for fast food since returning to the states. We stopped at Wendy's our first night on the road for dinner. Cheap right??? Not so. $55 plus change! Ow!!! I did not realize how much fast food just the four teenagers could put down. So, we will stick to two loaves of bread and a jar of Peanut butter. We have had to fill up both vans five times for a total of ten tanks of gas... BIG Ow! But all in all we are doing great. God is with us! The kids have been great in very difficult situations. They have done great on little sleep multiple nights, and everyone has remained healthy! We praise God for both His Mercy and Provision.

Please keep us in your prayers, especially Pam... It's tough being Road Mom!

Loading the vans up & Paul ready for the road!