The Fight is not Over!

We have been greatly encouraged by the response to the posting and emails we sent last month. We have received wonderful blessings from new sources stirred by God and from several friends who have been with us in our missions work from the beginning.

Last week we asked God for:
A tenant or purchaser for our house in Georgia
Replacement of lost monthly support
Funds to bring the Georgia mortgage current

Since then God has provided new monthly support close to the loss we sustained, one time gifts to bring the Georgia mortgage current and extra funds in the form of one time gifts beyond our request.

God's response through individuals and the church was generous and mixed but we believe, positive. At first we thought the extra funds were provided by God to help toward the cost of moving the family back to Atlanta since our house remains unsold and unrented. However after spending the weekend in prayer and considering leaving Lebanon at the end of June, we came to the conclusion that giving up and throwing in the towel was not from God and that we were letting fear direct our steps. We can see in His word where we need to remain faithful and persevere. We decided to use the extra funds to pay next month's mortgage and expand advertising to give us more time to find a buyer or renter for the house.

We believe that we serve an awesome God and we continually experience His miraculous provision. So the use of this money is not to "buy" us another month, but to demonstrate faith and obedience to a faithful and loving God. We are responding to what we believe was His call and we are very thankful to so many of you for your love, encouragement and support. The fight is not over, but we may rest in the knowledge that the battle has already been won!

Please continue to pray for God to provide a buyer or renter for the Georgia house and for the $450 in monthly support we still need.