Steven's Prayers Answered

A month ago it was so cold that frost was forming inside one of the rooms of our apartment and today it was so warm that we had to dodge icicle daggers and huge sheets of snow that fell from the buildings. The thermometer in our apartment said it was 34 degrees F so Mom took a break from wearing her snow boots......big mistake! She didn't even make it to the bus stop near our apartment before she stepped in slush so deep it covered her entire left shoe and completely soaked her foot.....yuck.

During all the really cold weather the gas lines, in the YWAM vans and cars were frozen so we could not visit Nadia's orphanage, but last week we were finally able to go again. YWAM put on a valelntines day program which the kids enjoyed. They had a great time singing, playing games and listening to the teaching about what true love really is. After the program we played with the kids, but I did not see Nadia because she was taking a nap with the other little ones. One of the misisonaries here working with YWAM was a youth pastor and has many puppets he uses to entertain and teach children. He is going to train me to help him so he can perform puppet shows in orphanages here.

God has answered my prayer of wanting to teach orphans to sing! Last week I began working with a man from Music Mission Kiev at another orphanage. He has been going to "Orphanage #21" for the last three weeks to start an orphan boys choir. I was so happy when i found out that someone was teaching them to sing. It has been something I have wanted to do and have prayed that that i could find a opportunity. So on Mondays Taraz and I go to the orphanage and teach two classes. The first class is 9-11 year old boys and the second is 12-14 year old boys. We have taught them beats and how to read music. They have learned the Doxology and several Hymns. It is very hard to teach them because they are completely tone-deaf, but some of the boys have very good voices. Taraz and I hope that one day they will be able to perform publicly.

I have also been praying for a choir to sing with and God has provided one. Mr. McMurrin (founder of Music Mission Kiev) invited me to sing with the Kiev Symphony Orchestra and Chours, an adult choir. He said that he would put me in with the sopranos. The choir practices 3 times a week for 3 hours. I went yesterday to practice and had a great time. The first song we sang was written in Ukrainian. I can read enough Ukrainian to sound out the words, but it was hard. Then we sang a song by Bach and one by Handel. Mr. McMurrin teaches in English and their is someone who translates to the choir so I get the instructions before anyone else! ;c)

Thank you for your prayers and praise God for all the ministry opportunities He has shown us.

In Him,