Prayers Answered!

After months of prayer, we are excited to let you know that our house in Georgia is rented! We are amazed that in dead sales market and a fiercely competitive rental market God provided a tenant just in time! And to think that we almost missed this blessing…

Last month we had interest from a family who wanted to rent our home. We were excited but when we received their offer we were quite disappointed. They offered considerably less than what we were asking for rent and were not able to pay a security deposit or last month's rent. We responded with an offer much closer to our needs and including the deposits traditional to rental agreements... They walked away. We felt justified in our position but soon began to realize the continueing downturn in the housing market and it’s affects trickling down to the rental market. We later began to question our decision. Without a tenant by the end of August we would have to leave Pennsylvania and missions and move back to Georgia. Ten days later the same family contacted our Realtor and asked us to reconsider their offer. This time, we realized that God had re-opened a door (not what we wanted or thought we needed, but a opportunity none the less) that we had closed based on our needs as we saw them. He knows our needs better than we do. His provision is sufficient. We trusted that this family was there as God intended, and that He would provide for the shortfall in rent. After all, it is always about trust and obedience. So we accepted the offer and the family has moved in.

We then had a hurdle to overcome with the farmhouse we are renting in Lebanon. We know that we are in the house God intends for us but we had to contact our landlord and ask if he would consider allowing us to continue to rent past our agreed upon deadline to secure a mortgage. We also asked if he would consider reducing our rent to help us with the lower rent we are receiving for our house in Georgia. We waited prayerfully for his decision while he consulted with others on his end. After more than a week he agreed to our requests and much to our surprise, he agreed to credit us the difference between our original rent and the new rent from the beginning of our lease to use toward a down payment! Once again God knew our needs and provided when we trusted and obeyed. God used His people to provide and bless us!

I know these updates are a bit long but we thought you would like to know the details of this testimony of His love and faithfulness. We pray that our testimony blesses others with encouragement as they face sruggles. So as we come to the close of summer we look back and see not only the struggles, but also the encouragement, support and love so many of you provided. We praise God for each and everyone of you and pray that He blesses you for the loving support you have been to us. Please keep praying for us as we seek to secure a mortgage on the farmhouse, for my work at YWAM (our upcoming DTS) and for our children as they begin a new school year.