Computer Woes, Part 2

When I got my computer back Friday from HP “Ukraine,” we thanked God for its return. With a new hard drive installed I was confident that it would be good as new. It was. For 12 hours. Here's where we stand as of today.

"Very interesting, but not funny" (for those of you who remember Laugh In) Honestly, this is WAAAAAYYYYYYY beyond me. When the computer first starts up there is a "HP Invent" screen and if you press Esc, F10 or F12 there are supposed to be boot options... there arent! If you don't press anything then you get the multi-colored mess above. It looks like a ransom note from whatever has kidnapped my data!

I will soon be entering my third month without our computer, database, regular email, etc. I am thankful to Greg and others who have graciously given me access to their computers for the very basic checking of e-mails. Please join us in praying for God’s revelation and resolution. It seems there is more to this than a broken computer. Please pray that I am able to learn whatever lesson God is trying to teach me and our family.

I again ask for your patience and understanding in our inability to respond to emails quickly or to send out our regular email news.