Merry Christmas

During this season of reflection I find myself contemplating God's love and faithfulness to us this past year. Last December moving to Pennsylvania and to a new season of ministry with YWAM Lebanon was simply an opportunity we felt the Lord had laid before us. It wasn't until April that it became a reality because of your generous support. YWAM Lebanon continues to grow in local ministry and in sending graduates of our schools to over one hundred nations as missionaries. The base has also grown in staff as God has brought us and other missionaries to Lebanon to work. Because God has sent workers to YWAM Lebanon, David and Miriam, the founders and directors of the base were able to recently announce that they will take a sabbatical from the ministry they have worked so hard at decades. As David's assistant, I have utilized not only every administrative skill and gift God has blessed me with, but also my passion for ministry that I rely on to meet the challenges of each day. Next week we are sending out our latest Discipleship school on their practicum to serve regionally in Philadelphia and Boston in final preparation for their leaving for field training in Turkey and Ukraine from January to March. We are truly blessed to be a part of this ongoing work to proclaim Christ to the nations!

As you saw from last months photos, we are healthy and happy. We are loving Pennsylvania, the farmhouse and our new home of Lebanon. Greg is doing well serving in Northern Ireland and is preparing to take his own Discipleship team to South Africa. I am encouraged by the growth in the YWAM Lebanon ministry and our schedule of schools for the coming year. We graciously look forward to continuing in His service as a living testimony and witness to the greatness and love of God.