My Training Has Begun!

Here I am in Lebanon after my first day of lectures. Wow! How God is going to keep 3 months of this information in my head is beyond me… that’s why He is God. The lectures today were mostly on prayer and intercession and were great. They are teaching us to fine tune our prayers so that God can do so much more through us.

Last night I got the grand tour. The facility used to be a small Christian school. Several classrooms have been converted into dorm rooms. We are allowed to tape anything we want to the walls to decorate, so I am anxiously awaiting pictures from Ali and Hannah! My corner is bare. My bed is and old hospital bed that is well broken in. I have a dresser and a chair. In the center of the room is an 8’ folding table and chairs where we do our homework. Did I mention homework? Did they mention homework??? I think not.

The meals have been a Dr. Atkins nightmare! For instance lunch was mac & cheese, with peas and biscuits. Oh, and donuts and various pies are available 24 hours a day! In three months, I will either weigh 90lbs. or 300lbs. At this point it’s anyone’s guess.

The staff has been wonderful as you can imagine. David and Miriam are the base directors. They are the parents of four, with ten grandchildren and five great grandchildren. They did their training in Hawaii in 1991 served in nine countries before coming to Lebanon, PA to settle down. They have served on every continent and have the most amazing stories of God’s work. Miriam is the chief cook and house mother - and is being very generous with me and my "special needs" (Atkins). David and Miriam have such a huge heart for YWAM. They represent to me all I've read and heard about Loren Cunningham the founder.

Well, I think that’s enough for now. I’ve got homework and tomorrow’s a school day!