Hi From Steven

Yesterday was great. I was able to go to an orphanage with my dad. There were 4 other missionaries from the YWAM base who came with us. The orphanage was an hour outside of Keiv in the middle of nowhere. The ages of the orphans were 1 to 17. We were with the younger ones (1-12). The orphanage was freezing cold and the orphans were poorly dressed and under nourished. We spent an hour with them, first we played a game then we did a teaching. After the teaching we gave the kids oranges and played with them. The orphans are attention starved and like lots of hugging and touching.

Since it was my first time there the orphans were shy but by the time we left I had one little girl around my neck. Her name is Nadia and we guessed she is about 6 years old. I used what little Russian I know to talk to her. My dad and I hope to go return to this orphanage with the rest of the team every Tuesday.

This week is going to be COLD. On Saturday it will be -15 degrees and right now it is 20 degrees, and snowing.

Last week I got my first haircut here because my hair was getting long. The barber did a great job and my haircut looks exactly like it did at Great Clips in Atlanta. The one thing Greg and I hated was instead of using that electric razor to get that little fuzz on the back of your neck she used a straight razor, and I have my war wounds to prove it. Other than the straight razor everything is fine here. Please keep those orphans in your prayers.

In Christ,