Back in Atlanta

I have arrived to a house full of children! With God's grace and provision, Pam has taken such great care of everyone... I counted heads and all 10 are present! So much changed in my nearly six month absence. Grace and Paul (the now 1 year olds) are taking baby steps, Elizabeth and Sarah (the now 2 year olds) are talking (all the time!) and with amazing vocabulary, and the other six have all grown so much! Pam, well she's more beautiful then when I left and God bless her, she's still here! ;c) I'm acclimating and am still processing all that God has taught and shown me. He has done an amazing work in me and has made His plans for us even more evident. He has repeatedly confirmed His call on us.

As I have been reporting from Ukraine, there are so many opportunities and needs in the country. God revealed ministries that may involve nearly everyone in the family. His plan to bring our not so typical family into missions is now more clear. We have identified several ministries that we will be working with once we've settled. These include ministry to orphans, babies abandoned in hospitals, street kids, Gypsies and ministry to families. The harvest and needs in Ukraine are so great yet the workers are so few! We are grateful to God for choosing us to serve as workers for His kingdom.

There is still much to do before we make the move to Ukraine. We must raise our support for our budgeted monthly needs in Ukraine, and for the cost of moving us and shipping our belongings. We need to pack items for shipment and finalize the disposition of our home in Atlanta. I am working on a travel schedule to churches and groups for presentations of our mission and to raise support. Our prayer is that we will raise our monthly support and moving needs in order to make our move in the early fall. We must get settled in Kiev before the long winter begins.

We need partners for this ministry (individuals, families and churches) to become members of our mission support team. A very dear friend, Judy, who was one of my teachers during my Crossroads training, and has served in missions with her husband, Rick, for 21 years put it this way: "I think that in the "beginning" there was Father, Son and Holy Spirit (a team), that is how it is supposed to be with us in missions and that is why it is important to have a team around you, sending you out financially and prayerfully." We are asking for your support. Please pray for us and ask God what your role may be in this mission He has called us to. We are asking for monthly supporters to help us meet our budget, one time gifts to provide for our travel and settling costs, and opportunities to speak before groups to share our calling and mission. If you know of anyone with whom you can share our story please pass this on with a link to this site. Click here for more information on how to help or contact us.