Just Like Him!

When Jeff’s van broke down ten days ago it was diagnosed as needing a new transmission. The first quote of $2100.00 was later reduced to $1400.00 to help us out. We didn’t have $1400.00 so we prayed all weekend for God’s provision.

Last Monday, “out of the blue,” Jeff got a phone call from a customer in Mississippi who had sold a big piece of equipment that Jeff had left with him so long ago that he had completely forgotten about it. The customer said, “I have $2079.00 for you. Where should I mail the check?” Wow! That will pay for the van with $600.00 to spare! So the van got towed to the shop on Tuesday. On Thursday the mechanic called with a problem. While removing the old transmission, he found some parts fused together that he had not anticipated having to replace. He very generously offered to charge us for parts only, no labor, but it would cost another $600.00. Now isn’t that just like God to know our needs before we do and supply exactly what we need! The final repair bill was $2080. 35! God is good!