This is Just Wierd...

Written by Steven

For about ten days we have had no snow or ice and yesterday it was 65 degrees outside. This morning I woke up to snow and ice, and all dreams of spring went right out the window. We found out that this winter was one of the coldest winters that Ukraine has had in years. So I guess those ten days were spring, summer, fall and we are back to winter.

The orphan boy's choir is doing great. Both groups are learning the songs and are beginning to learn some music theory. We promised the boys that we would take them to McDonalds if the director would let us. The director gave us permission and we are planning to take them next week. Please pray for us, it will be a challenge.

Our trips to the Makariv orphanage have been wonderful. Markus, the missionary who usually puts the program together and is my puppet teacher, was in America raising support when his father unexpectedly passed away. His return has been delayed until May and until then I volunteered to choose a skit, game and a teaching for our weekly program. It has been harder than I thought it would be, but I am learning a lot! The kids have opened up to us and are beginning to trust us more. I have not seen Nadia because our visit is during naptime for the little ones. But I have become buddies with several 8-10 year old boys. They like to wrestle and be tickled. One of them is named Andre he is eight and is always holding my hand and telling me he loves me and when I sit down he just sits there hugging me.

I have started going to a street kids rehabilitation center regularly. We do the same program there that we do at Makariv, a skit, teaching, game and snack. The street kids are the hardest to reach out to, they trust nobody. It is so sad to see kids as young as two years old who have been abandoned. They find shelter underground amid the pipes that carry hot water to heat the city. The police rescue them and drop them off at a rehabilitation center where they stay until they can be sent to an orphanage.

Please continue to pray for the orphans, especially the boy choir. The orphanage overseers abuse them and there is nothing we can do to stop it. Pray that the government will support the Foster home program.