Computer Woes, Part 1

My apologies to those of you who are so patiently waiting for my response to an email or to those waiting for the latest news. Complaining about the lack of access to the internet, slow and difficult connections could only be outdone by the complete loss of my computer! And yes, I promise to never complain about the lack of speed if only I am able my computer back.

About 10 weeks ago little things began to go wrong with my computer, then one day, it just quit working. Gone is my ability to access the internet from home, to communicate at the click of a mouse, to open useful programs that manage our schedules, ministry and budget, and our database of supporters and contacts. I guess this is one of those good news/bad news type stories only this time without the good part.

I must say, dealing with HP from Ukraine and their “service provider” in Ukraine has been quite the international experience. It seems the "worldwide service" doesn't include Ukraine, or at least not the place I am standing at any given moment. I did learn it's not a virus, it’s my hard drive.

Greg’s computer has been a huge blessing during this ordeal, but it lacks all my programs and information and it is usually with Greg in his ministry work. Please be patient with my replies and news. Chances are that when I get my computer back all my data will be lost. I would really appreciate if you could take a minute and send me your current email and contact information so I can recreate my lost data.

Please pray for a resolution to the problem and that I remember "that in all things God works for good..." Rom 8:28