Philly, Here We Come!

After six weeks of lectures were hitting the road. No not to Ukraine, were headed to Philadelphia, PA the city of brotherly love. Were packing up the van and headed to do some intercity ministry work. I’m learning quickly the YWAM way of doing things. We just today got a rough outline of what and where were going and doing. I love this “Go.” way of living. The unofficial motto of YWAM is “Blessed are the flexible for they will not be bent out of shape.” This motto fits like a glove!

For our outreach we’ll be doing three different street performances, a human video, a dance routine (not me), two skits and prayer stations. We’ve been practicing the skits after class for the last three nights.

I’m amazed at what God has done with our rag tag group in just a couple of days.

Day’s will be spent on street corners throughout busy Philly performing and working prayer stations. During the evenings we’ll be connecting with a homeless shelter and children’s home. We are all so excite and prayed up!

Please pray that God is already preparing the hearts of those we will meet, and that we will be His tools for presenting His message of salvation.