It's Already Been A Month?

It is hard to believe that it has already been one month since my training began. The time is passing so quickly! I guess the schedule and pace here allows for time to speed by, especially since the work load picked up noticeably and free time seems to be eluding me. I got my first book report in just in time… just like my college days! This one was on A Tale of three Kings by Gene Edwards. Some of you may have read this classic tale about David, Saul and Absalom. If you have not and you have time to squeeze in a quick read, I recommend it highly to you all. I think many quarrels and problems among believers could be avoided if this was required reading.

My first month of studies was full: Prayer and Intercession, Hearing the Voice of God, Follow the Leader, and my favorite, Father Heart of God. I must say they have all been phenomenal teachings; however Father Heart of God was the one that has affected me, and I believe my future ministry, the most. We started the week with a detailed study on the Character of God and on God’s promises to us as Children of God. I could have spent the entire six months on these two alone. I strongly recommend that you take a look at these for you own study time or for your family worship time. There are many resources online devoted to these aspects of God which includes their scripture references. If you would like my help on locating them please don’t hesitate to ask. How wonderful to know God better and to know what He has promised to us as His children.

The plans for my outreach in Ukraine are being developed. Please pray for the staff and leadership as they begin to work on the details of our trip. Please pray also that I have the opportunity to meet with other ministries operating in Ukraine during my three months there. Preliminary plans include my visit to begin in Ternopil then on to Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Mukachevo, Uzegorod, Simferopol, Glukivtsi and finally into Kiev. Two of the orphanages I will visit are New Hope Village and Korapets. The plan is to do ministry work to complete my studies and to investigate the YWAM bases and other ministries throughout Ukraine to determine where we are to begin serving. If you are aware of any ministries or individuals operating in Ukraine, please forward the information to me as soon as possible. We know that God is in control and will show us where He needs us to serve. We pray for our hearing of His direction and leading in this very important next step.

Finally, I want to share some things that illustrate that it’s not all teaching and homework up here. First, my blank walls are filling up with pictures, drawings and verses from back home. (There’s plenty of room for additions should any of you feel artistic or creative.)

Also, we had time to go see Steven Curtis Chapman, Casting Crowns and Chris Tomlin in concert at the Hershey Center. Also, there is volleyball! God has begun sharing the warmth and wonders of spring with us here in central Pennsylvania and the volleyball net has been raised!

I pray blessings for you and your families. I thank God for each and every one of you as His mission for our lives would not be possible without your prayers and support!